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New Product Spotlight: The Re-Rack Four-Pleated Cummerbund

Posted on February 01, 2018 by Miriam Zelinsky

It's almost wedding season, which means one thing: ample opportunities to dust off your tux and that pre-tied black bow tie that you thinkkkk may be silk or was at some point in its last life. Time to put on your wedding uniform that looks just like everyone else's. 

Not anymore.

Enter Lazyjack Press. Shaking up weddings and formal events and making them fun again! Ladies shouldn't be the only one's excited about what they're wearing at an event. 

My sorority sister, Whitney, who is the Queen of Prep (no, really – she is!) first suggested yearsss ago that I look into making cummerbunds. I didn't really think much about it because the mill in Italy was sort of confused by the whole thing. But years later, with many a request later, I persisted and am so proud of the finished product. The cummerbund is our signature Re-Rack pattern (red party cups) on the same 21 momme Italian silk just like our ties and it is fabulous, if I do say so myself! 

What's nice about the cummerbund is that you have options. It pairs with either of our reversible Mullet bow ties in blue or pink– so the wearer can choose either a solid bow tie with the party cups peeking out or obviously, full party cup mode. Of course, there's always just the Re-Rack bow tie – a classic, but winning combination. 

So, crack open that beer and accessorize your way to a wild time!



Ps. We'd love to see your wedding looks so please send us picts :)

Our Re-Rack Italian silk four-pleated cummerbund. Shop the look here. 



The Mullet bow tie in blue. Shop the look here. 


The Mullet bow tie in pink. Shop the look here. 

The Re-Rack bow tie. Shop the look here. 

Custom Spotlight: Wildlife in Crisis

Posted on October 13, 2017 by Miriam Zelinsky

Happy Friday, guys! 

One of my favorite customers I met while at the Grand Central pop up market approached me about doing custom for a foundation she volunteers at. I always get excited about a new custom job since it's a chance to be creative and design something completely new from my line. But this project was extra special because the proceeds from the sale of the items will go to benefit animals in need – a cause I'm personally passionate about!

I think the logo is so cute! It has a feather, a leaf and a paw – covers all the wildlife bases and sort of reminds me of the circle of life!

So for men, we did navy ties with the logo.

For women, we did our Belvedere scarf in light blue with the logo.

I think it's going to be a winner! To learn more about the Wildlife in Crisis Foundation, click here

Cheers, guys!


Behind the Scenes: Website Photo Shoot

Posted on September 11, 2017 by Miriam Zelinsky

Hey guys! 

Hope you all had a great weekend! 

We just did a photo shoot yesterday and it was so much fun! I was so happy that Nick modeled for us again ( + @NickPeciaro). He's such a natural and obviously, quiiiite handsome! And this time, we were lucky enough to have the truly talented Matt Hayek take our photos! ( + @matthattanyc). Working with the two of them was such a breeze and it was so special to see the ties essentially come to life at some of NYC's most iconic spots.

Because we had such a dynamic duo on board, I wanted to share some behind the scenes shots. The shots below were taken on my iPhone while both Nick and Matt worked their magic, but hopefully, it shows some of the energy and fun we had while shooting!

Can't wait for everyone to see the finished photos!

Cheers, guys!


Getting ready for the shoot!

Nick tying his first look at the Plaza w/ the help of a red Ferrari: The Re-Rack tie!


Lookin' good, Nick!

Matt + Nick in action!

Nick wearing the Tie One On tie!

Matt adjusting Nick's bow tie!

Nick in our reversible Blue Balls bow tie!!

Look 4: The Buckwild tie in green!

This is where a bird pooped on me, but think this series of Nick wearing the orange Mullet tie + Matt capturing him crossing this busy NYC street will be amazing!

Love this one! 

Look 5: The Lazyjack the Knife bow tie! Also, how cute are our new shopping bags?!

First taste of fall!

Loved seeing Matt's vision come to life on his camera!

Blue Mullet time!

Getting ready to shoot some more magic!

Final look: Three Sheets to the Wind tie!

Custom Spotlight: Coral Shark Week

Posted on August 10, 2017 by Miriam Zelinsky

Jaws, Sharknado, Shark Week on the Discovery Channel or even Bruce from Finding Nemo – most people have a reason why they love sharks (or at least are fascinated by them!) Plus, they’re just cool and totally bad ass.

Fun fact: did you know that you can find a bull shark in seawater AND freshwater and that they can even swim upstream? Scary! Definitely not a shark you want to run into in the water.

Anyway, for this custom spotlight, our couple contacted me to recolor our Shark Week tie. They knew they wanted more of a coral color for their late summer wedding. I have to say – I LOVE the way the colors came out on this one! Sometimes with existing designs, I become so attached to the colors I have, but in this case, I'm also loving the coral.
What do you guys think?
We have three of these ties – should this color combo be here to stay? And if you're interested in shopping the tie, please click on this link!
Cheers, guys!
And a closeup: 

The Joys of Retail + A Little British Comedy

Posted on August 02, 2017 by Miriam Zelinsky

Hey guys, 

Well, it's a wrap, folks! After six months at our pop up in Grand Central, we are done! (Don't worry – we'll be back!) It was so great to connect with so many new people and to see a lot of our favorite customers as well! It definitely made those 7:30 early mornings much more bearable, especially on the days where it felt like I had JUST closed from the night before.

Very very rarely, we'd get a difficult customer. I had one person who kept asking me for ties with the entire Mona Lisa painted on it, or a tie in gold lamé or a tie with jumping goats on it. Needless to say, I completely struck out with her. It reminded me of one of my favorite shows, "Little Britain." 

For those of you who aren't familiar, Little Britain is like a British version of SNL. It has two actors that play a bunch of different reoccurring characters in a sketch format. I was trying to think of my all time favorite character in the show, but they're all so hysterical and twisted in their own way, I can't choose!

Anyway, in the sketch below, Mr. Mann is a disgruntled customer who comes to (regularly) harass the shopkeeper. In every skit at the store, Mr. Mann wants something obscure and extremely specific that most probably doesn't exist. Even if the shopkeeper manages to produce the product by some miracle, Mr. Mann is not pleased (and makes his displeasure known). There's a link to the clip below if you just need a little laugh. Anyway, it's how I feel on some days, and thankfully, very rarely! 

The show is on Hulu, ps, if this clip makes you curious. There are so many other amazing sketches in the series – definitely worth checking out!



Mr Mann 1 - Little Britain - Painting by Hyperbolic778

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