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Cocktail Recipe du Jour: Peach Wine

Posted on September 20, 2018 by Miriam Zelinsky

Hey guys,

So this is sort of cheating since it's not a technical cocktail recipe, but peach wine is almost no work, super refreshing +delish, AND you're getting an extra serving of fruit! Win-wn-win! Let's be honest, sometimes during the week (begrudgingly) we don't have the energy to make an elaborate cocktail. I often want something more than just wine before dinner. Don't get me wrong – we normally opt for wine during dinner, but we like to have something different while we're cheffing.

While on our honeymoon in Italy, our concierge told Apops and I that we must try the wine with peaches. It was a local specialty. As there was a pretty strong language barrier, I didn't get an explanation, but I was obviously curious to try it out. Was it sangria? No. Was it super sweet with fruit juice? No. It was just dry, white table wine with fresh cut peaches. It wasn't life changing, but it did add a subtle extra layer of flavor that jazzed up the wine. And obviously, minus pouring the wine and cutting the peach, it's almost zero work.

I tried peach wine for the first time at a tiny restaurant in Amalfi that was on its own little island. They sent their boat to get us, which was so cool in itself. And after that, I was hooked. I had the peach wine everywhere I could (especially when the sun was blazing and we were taking a pool break – I had to rehydrate, you know?)

As it is still technically summer, I'm going to hit up the farmer's market in town today and add some peaches (while I still can) to tonight's white wine! Bonus: wine with peaches also goes super well with all things BBQ!

Cheers, guys!


As I didn't have peaches last night, I added 4 raspberries to my dry rosé and it was also awesome!

Tending to our garden with the rosé w/ raspberries (look how domestic I've become!!!)

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