The Joys of Retail + A Little British Comedy

Posted on August 02, 2017 by Miriam Zelinsky

Hey guys, 

Well, it's a wrap, folks! After six months at our pop up in Grand Central, we are done! (Don't worry – we'll be back!) It was so great to connect with so many new people and to see a lot of our favorite customers as well! It definitely made those 7:30 early mornings much more bearable, especially on the days where it felt like I had JUST closed from the night before.

Very very rarely, we'd get a difficult customer. I had one person who kept asking me for ties with the entire Mona Lisa painted on it, or a tie in gold lamé or a tie with jumping goats on it. Needless to say, I completely struck out with her. It reminded me of one of my favorite shows, "Little Britain." 

For those of you who aren't familiar, Little Britain is like a British version of SNL. It has two actors that play a bunch of different reoccurring characters in a sketch format. I was trying to think of my all time favorite character in the show, but they're all so hysterical and twisted in their own way, I can't choose!

Anyway, in the sketch below, Mr. Mann is a disgruntled customer who comes to (regularly) harass the shopkeeper. In every skit at the store, Mr. Mann wants something obscure and extremely specific that most probably doesn't exist. Even if the shopkeeper manages to produce the product by some miracle, Mr. Mann is not pleased (and makes his displeasure known). There's a link to the clip below if you just need a little laugh. Anyway, it's how I feel on some days, and thankfully, very rarely! 

The show is on Hulu, ps, if this clip makes you curious. There are so many other amazing sketches in the series – definitely worth checking out!



Mr Mann 1 - Little Britain - Painting by Hyperbolic778

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