New Product Spotlight: The Re-Rack Four-Pleated Cummerbund

Posted on February 01, 2018 by Miriam Zelinsky

It's almost wedding season, which means one thing: ample opportunities to dust off your tux and that pre-tied black bow tie that you thinkkkk may be silk or was at some point in its last life. Time to put on your wedding uniform that looks just like everyone else's. 

Not anymore.

Enter Lazyjack Press. Shaking up weddings and formal events and making them fun again! Ladies shouldn't be the only one's excited about what they're wearing at an event. 

My sorority sister, Whitney, who is the Queen of Prep (no, really – she is!) first suggested yearsss ago that I look into making cummerbunds. I didn't really think much about it because the mill in Italy was sort of confused by the whole thing. But years later, with many a request later, I persisted and am so proud of the finished product. The cummerbund is our signature Re-Rack pattern (red party cups) on the same 21 momme Italian silk just like our ties and it is fabulous, if I do say so myself! 

What's nice about the cummerbund is that you have options. It pairs with either of our reversible Mullet bow ties in blue or pink– so the wearer can choose either a solid bow tie with the party cups peeking out or obviously, full party cup mode. Of course, there's always just the Re-Rack bow tie – a classic, but winning combination. 

So, crack open that beer and accessorize your way to a wild time!



Ps. We'd love to see your wedding looks so please send us picts :)

Our Re-Rack Italian silk four-pleated cummerbund. Shop the look here. 



The Mullet bow tie in blue. Shop the look here. 


The Mullet bow tie in pink. Shop the look here. 

The Re-Rack bow tie. Shop the look here. 

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