About Us

Lazyjack Press was founded in 2012. The brand soon after launched its first collection in Barneys based on the idea of a luxurious, irreverent take on the traditional European motif tie. Hermès and Ferragamo are great, but Lazyjack Press thought a livelier approach would catch on. They were right. 

The Lazyjack Press customer values old-school European luxury combined with American cheek — thi­s was apparent from their first Italian-made tie, where a red party cup motif appeared on the same 21 momme silk twill that Hermès uses. Since its inception, Lazyjack Press has grown into a diverse range: bow ties, hand-rolled pocket squares, unbelievably soft Italian wool scarves, classic baseball caps made right here in the U.S.A, and fun Croakies, totes, belts, dog collars, flip flops, fleece vests, and socks. 

So whether you're addressing the board, hanging at happy hour, carousing on campus or even tailgating before the big game, you can count on Lazyjack Press to be the finishing touch to your perfect look. 

Cheers, guys!


Miriam D. G. Zelinsky

CEO of Lazyjack Press