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Cocktail Recipe du Jour: Fresh Pineapple Margaritas + General Update

Posted on April 30, 2020 by Miriam Zelinsky

Hi guys!

Wow! I just saw it's been a solid year since I last wrote in...time really flies (when we're not in quarantine!) 

Hope you're all staying safe, healthy + sane amidst these crazy times. 

With all of this extra time indoors and at home, I can't be alone in wanting to experiment with new cocktail recipes (especially those who are homeschooling!)  It was so nice out this weekend that I wanted a refreshing, tropical cocktail that would be light enough for day drinking...i.e. not a creamy pina colada. We had pineapple in our fridge so fresh pineapple margs it was! Recipe below...

Besides making cocktails, it's been fun to make new recipes. We've been loving the recipes on Marion's Kitchen for a change of flavor. Her 15-minute garlic prawn udon has been a favorite that we mayyy have made three times so far. Below is a picture of her basil stir fry – also excellent!

Otherwise, having theme nights has been a fun break from the regular. Taco night has been a winner – cooking up whatever meat you prefer and then putting out a bunch of toppings on the table like fresh guac, cheese, lettuce, pico, jalapeños etc so everyone can make their taco exactly how they'd like...and of course, taco night is not complete without a margarita! Playing some mariachi music makes it extra festive! 

I think my most favorite activity so far has been wine tasting at home. I gave Apops an invitation and set up different stations of wine – starting with sparkling and ending with a heavier Cabernet. Each station had a snack as well so it was really fun! 


Being a little creative during these tough times definitely helps lighten things up a bit! What have been your favorite recipes? Hoping this is all over soon – in the meantime, stay safe + healthy!

Cheers, guys! 


Fresh Pineapple Margaritas

What You'll Need:

Fresh pineapple 

The juice of half a lime

2 shots of your favorite silver tequila

Half a shot of Cointreau or triple sec


What To Do: (Makes 1 drink)

1) Add about 8 cubes of pineapple to a blender and blend until smooth.

2) Strain the pineapple juice until it's just juice. 

3) Add the pineapple, lime juice, tequila, and Cointreau to a blender with ice. (You can also do this recipe over ice and add the ingredients to a shaker), but blending everything cooled everything down nicely.

4) Blend until smooth

5) Garnish with a fresh pineapple slice + bonus points for adding Tajin or something spicy to the rim to balance out the sweetness of the pineapple. 

A yummy variation, though we didn't have any on hand, would be to add some cilantro!

Also, here's a link to my favorite cocktail recipe of all time just as a refresher:

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