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How to Tie a Bow Tie

Posted on February 10, 2017 by Miriam Zelinsky

Hi guys, 

Learning how to tie a bow tie really isn't that hard. Promise. It does take plenty of patience at the beginning until you get the hang of it.

When I first started LJP, I had to learn how to tie a bow tie for our displays and it took me a while. It's not like I was a dude who enjoyed wearing them all the time so it was definitely a daunting task at first. After looking at tons of videos and dizzying diagrams that looked like a cartoon cat getting in a fight with lines going in all different directions (Heathcliff, anyone?), I found Bill Nye the Science Guy's bow tie tying tutorial and it clicked.

Everyone remembers Bill Nye, right? He's cool. He taught us as kids all about science stuff and how the Earth was formed so he is definitely qualified to teach us how to tie a bow tie. 

Here's his video: 

Bill Nye – Tying a Bow Tie is Not Rocket Science

If this video didn't quite do it for you, then I have another option. For anyone who learned to tie their shoes with the bunny ears analogy, this video is for you. In it, a guy is teaching another guy how to tie a bow tie using animal analogies like elephants, parrots and fish. Check it out below.

How to Tie the Perfect Bow Tie: Lessons from a Men's Shop

So for all of the people out there who have always wanted to tie a bow tie, but didn't know how to tie one – this is for you. Happy tying!

If you're inspired to try a bow tie, I usually suggest the Mullet bow tie, which currently comes in blue and lavender. It's reversible with the plain woven silk in front, with our iconic party cup print in the back (business in the front, party in the back). There are so many options for how to wear it besides the plain side in front or cup side in front, but that's advanced bow tie tying for another day :)

Cheers, guys!


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