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Cocktail Recipe du Jour: Grapefruit/Elderflower Cooler

Posted on April 29, 2019 by Miriam Zelinsky

Hey guys! 

Happy spring!

I have been loving this grapefruit and elderflower cocktail with either gin or vodka and have been making it quiiite often. It's refreshing and since it uses actual fresh juice, it's packed with tons of vitamins so it must have some health benefits, right? Bueller? What I love about this cocktail is it feels fancy enough for a weekend but it's also quick to whip up on a weekday. If you're really in a time crunch, you can sub out the fresh grapefruit for bottled, but if you have the extra three minutes, the fresh juice really does make all of the difference! You can even make a big batch in advance for when company comes over! (Or just save it all for yourself! teehee!)

Cheers, guys!


What You'll Need:

  • 2 shots of your favorite spirit - have just done gin or vodka, think tequila would be yummy! Guess I'll be trying that tonight...
  • The juice of one fresh ruby red grapefruit per person.
  • 1/2 a shot of St. Germain 
  • Ice
  • Seltzer or your favorite sparkling water. We use Pellegrino just because we have it on hand.
  • Mint for garnish (optional)

What To Do:

1) Juice the grapefruit. I use a little hand held juicer - sort of like this:

It's not as efficient as a big juicer, but it does the trick.

2) To a highball glass filled with ice, add the grapefruit juice, gin or vodka, St.Germain and stir. 

3) Top with seltzer. 

4) Garish with some really compliments the whole drink! 


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