Behind the Scenes: Website Photo Shoot

Posted on September 11, 2017 by Miriam Zelinsky

Hey guys! 

Hope you all had a great weekend! 

We just did a photo shoot yesterday and it was so much fun! I was so happy that Nick modeled for us again ( + @NickPeciaro). He's such a natural and obviously, quiiiite handsome! And this time, we were lucky enough to have the truly talented Matt Hayek take our photos! ( + @matthattanyc). Working with the two of them was such a breeze and it was so special to see the ties essentially come to life at some of NYC's most iconic spots.

Because we had such a dynamic duo on board, I wanted to share some behind the scenes shots. The shots below were taken on my iPhone while both Nick and Matt worked their magic, but hopefully, it shows some of the energy and fun we had while shooting!

Can't wait for everyone to see the finished photos!

Cheers, guys!


Getting ready for the shoot!

Nick tying his first look at the Plaza w/ the help of a red Ferrari: The Re-Rack tie!


Lookin' good, Nick!

Matt + Nick in action!

Nick wearing the Tie One On tie!

Matt adjusting Nick's bow tie!

Nick in our reversible Blue Balls bow tie!!

Look 4: The Buckwild tie in green!

This is where a bird pooped on me, but think this series of Nick wearing the orange Mullet tie + Matt capturing him crossing this busy NYC street will be amazing!

Love this one! 

Look 5: The Lazyjack the Knife bow tie! Also, how cute are our new shopping bags?!

First taste of fall!

Loved seeing Matt's vision come to life on his camera!

Blue Mullet time!

Getting ready to shoot some more magic!

Final look: Three Sheets to the Wind tie!

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