Custom Spotlight: The Cheeky Kiwi

Posted on July 26, 2017 by Miriam Zelinsky

Hey guys!

I was so excited to collaborate with Sam + Olivia to make custom accessories for their upcoming wedding! At first, they were going to recolor one of our existing designs, but then decided it would be more meaningful to have a design that was special to them. The groom's family is from New Zealand so the kiwi bird seemed like a fitting choice!

Sometimes it takes me a while to get the motif or the repeat just right, but this one just came to me one day at our pop up and I hand drew it on a post it! It's cute (if I do say so myself) – not stuffy and perfect for a preppy September wedding at a New England yacht club. 

The groomsmen will be wearing the custom bow ties and pocket squares, but they made sure their dads were included with matching ties! We will post picts of the ties in action once Sam + Olivia get married. In the meantime, congrats guys!

Meanwhile, you can shop "The Cheeky Kiwi" tie and bow tie on our website!



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Here's a closeup!

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