Billion Dollar Buyer: Behind the Scenes in Tilman's Boardroom on Bid Day

Posted on January 11, 2017 by Miriam Zelinsky

Hi guys, 

So our episode aired last night on CNBC and it was, needless to say, very exciting!

Without going into too much detail of what happened on our episode – just in case you haven't caught the episode yet, Tilman offered me a deal, which was higher than what I had proposed. I was shocked! At first, Tilman said, "I think your mom was right..." I felt my heart sink and my face go absolutely beet red. And after what seemed like a very long pause, he restarted his thought, "I think your mom could have been right..." It was one of the most life changing and amazing moments of my life! I had no idea he was going to give me a deal. In fact, I was pretty sure he wasn't going to. He went on to tell me how what I built was something special and that is something important. Now, I'm not a cryer but when someone so successful is telling you they believe in you and are going to personally invest in your dream, it's a very surreal feeling and I may have let a few tears escape. I learned so much from this experience...not only did I get a new logo, which is so fabulous, but I also learned that the sky truly is the limit for us at LJP. I'm so excited to continue doing what we're doing and definitely looking forward to all of the exciting things in our future!

I hope you guys loved the episode! If you haven't watched it, you're missing out!

Thank you, Tilman and the team at Billion Dollar Buyer.

Link to Billion Dollar Buyer Episode

Billion Dollar: Behind the Scenes

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