Billion Dollar: Behind the Scenes

Posted on January 10, 2017 by Miriam Zelinsky

Hey guys!

I'm so excited/nervous to watch our episode on Billion Dollar Buyer tonight. I'll be seeing it for the first time just like you guys!

Here are some picts of filming and behind the scenes. The crew was awesome! Although it was super high stress, we definitely had a lot of laughs. 

Be sure to tune in tonight on CNBC at 10:00 pm eastern! 



Day 1: Heading to first day of filming at Grand Central.

Amanda cheering Eileen (our lovely neighbor from Garden of Silver) helping our team member Ryan tie his tie! Love this pict!

Amanda and I sprucing up before Tilman arrives. Nerves at this point are at an all time high!

Tilman arrives!

Survived day 1 of filming!

Day 2: 

Amanda and I heading to our challenge!

Day 3:

Getting ready for my interview. 

The setup is pretty intimidating considering the only camera I've ever been on is my dad's old school camcorder!

With Candra

With the crew + Jack.

Part II: 

Amanda and I arrive in Houston!

Landry's headquarters. Eek!

The ominous setup again!

Obviously have to have margs in Texas!

Day 2:

Getting ready for our bid in the conference room. Nerves are at such a high it's amazing I'm upright! lol 

That's all you get for now!


Billion Dollar Buyer: Behind the Scenes in Tilman's Boardroom on Bid Day


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