The US Open: For Tennis Enthusiasts Everywhere

Posted on August 29, 2016 by Miriam Zelinsky

In honor of the first official day of the US Open, this week's blog post is dedicated to tennis. Alex and I went to the practice day yesterday at the tennis center to catch some players warming up for their upcoming matches. It's such a great time to go since the area isn't yet swarmed with thousands of guests and you don't have to wait in a huge line to score one of Grey Goose's Honey Deuce cocktails... (recipe to follow). 

Bonus: You get to keep the souvenir cup!

I personally love tennis and grew up playing it so it was no surprise that my first tie that had anything to do with sports would be a tennis tie. It's aptly named "At Your Service" – and whether in a tie, bow tie or the brand new pocket square, it's sure to be a hit for the tennis enthusiast in your life!

Buy it here!

Buy it here.

Buy it here.

As a bonus, I'm including the recipe for the Honey Deuce cocktail. It's super easy and whether you're making cocktails for one or a group of people, this recipe is easily multiplied and isn't too labor intensive!

What you need: Makes one drink.

In a highball glass with ice, add:
3 shots of vodka
Fill the rest with lemonade
A dash of Chambord

Add honeydew melon balls as a garnish – it’s an excellent compliment to the flavors in the drink (I also love adding green grapes to the bottom of the drink)

Cheers guys!

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