Life Lately (Summer 2018)

Posted on September 07, 2018 by Miriam Zelinsky

Hey guys!

I haven’t written a blog post in a little while here because it’s been prettyyyyy busy around here! If you’re not following along on my adventures, you should, btw, (@lazyjackpress on Instagram) then here's a little update.

So first, Apops and I moved back to my hometown of Belvedere (in the SF/Bay Area). It’s absolutely the opposite of New York, but at least we finally have a little outdoor space.


Kitty is adjusting also! (Minus trying to get her to walk on a leash – she did NOT like that!)


LJP moved headquarters also. New address: 114A Main Street in Tiburon – cross street Via Davina! Hehe. Those of you who know me, know it's my middle name. It’s definitely nice not to have dozens of tie and sock boxes taking over any and all available floor space.


Next, our wedding weekend. I’ll do a more in depth post about the wedding later when I get the official wedding picts back, but it was awesome having all of our friends come to Cali to see where I grew up/where we live…(love you guys!) 

The weekend started off with a small welcome party at the San Francisco Yacht Club (pre-gaming at our house first).


 The next night was our “rehearsal” dinner in Napa w/ lots of vino!


 Finally, the weekend culminated in our wedding at Meadowood in St. Helena. It was absolutely the most amazing night ever. The food, Scott Beattie’s curated mixology cocktails (especially the MirPops – recipe coming soon!), the flowers, the setting, and the love – I hope I never forget how magical it was!

 The next morning, Apops and I left for our honeymoon on the Amalfi Coast. Take me back (although I guess it is good I'm not eating pasta 2x a day anymore! lol)


That’s the update for now…lots of life changes! But I’m excited for the new adventures ahead. I have lots of new ideas and excited to be back and getting ready for LJP and the holidays!

Cheers, guys!



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