A Change of Seasons: Crisp Beer, Crisp Air, and America's Secular Religion

Posted on September 09, 2013 by Lazyjack Press

The first NFL Sunday of 2013 is behind us, and it was strong.  If you're anything like us, you popped few cold ones. It was perfect grilling weather in most of the country, and millionaires tossed the pigskin all day and all night.  NFL football is pre-cooked Monday-morning smalltalk with co-workers. It's America's secular religion.  And we love it.  We can live this gridiron glory until February 2, and it calls to mind how great fall is.  It is bar none the best time of the year.  College, football, college football, girls in football jerseys, girls in Halloween costumes, perfect weather, jeans, sweaters, boots, Oktoberfest brews, warming bourbon, wood-burning fires.  Basically all that's good in life.  Suit up in a Lazyjack Press Buckwild tie and get after it.  We sure are.

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