The Deliberate Life: Happy Hour

Posted on August 18, 2013 by Lazyjack Press

Happy hour?

Happy hour is great in moderation, killer in excess.  Too many PBR-swigging, happy (five) hours slowly drain your checking account, fill your gut with wings and beer, and zap your energy the next day.  It's so easy to get dragged in by the happy hour sirens' song.  Here's the temptation: it's 3:00 on a Wednesday - what else do you have to look forward to?  Guy's night sounds good.  A couple of cold ones at the local dive.  A little "me" time. Great idea!  But it's not (at least in the long term).  Here's the answer: get a hobby.  Seriously.  Exercise at night.  Trade bond futures.  Write a blog that will appeal to advertisers and make money.  Steam your clothes for the next day.  Make dinner with your girlfriend or wife.  Organize yourself.  Get your life together.  You'll feel better the next morning when you check your bank account, your gut, and your not-aching head.  Space things out.  Do a bi-weekly happy hour with your college buddies (and even that's ambitious).  You'll have more to catch up on for a higher-quality hangout anyway.

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