No More Wire Hangers!

Posted on August 08, 2013 by Lazyjack Press

No More Wire Hangers!

First in our series on Deliberate Living, we're just saying it.  Wire hangers are the worst.  They stretch your jackets, shirts, and sweaters in weird places, look awful, and are generally useless.  Just try to fold a pair of pants onto a wire hanger.  They basically kick you in the face and plant themselves to the floor. There's an easy solution to this, and it'll make your life easier and better.  Buy inexpensive wooden hangers.  Target sells 24-packs of them for $30.  They'll last years, class up the joint for the ladies, and, I swear, inspire you to live more deliberately.  And you can go ahead and ask your dry cleaner to fold your shirts and sweaters and skip the wasted, piece-of-garbage hanger for the next schlub.

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