Beer Review: Coney Island Lager

Posted on November 15, 2012 by Lazyjack Press

What:     Coney Island Lager

When:      November 2012

Where:      The Back Room, down an alley you think you'll be mugged in, New York, NY

Rating:      7/10


The Back Room is the coolest bar ever.  Well, not really, but it is pretty great.  You walk down an alley past a sign, something about New York Toy Company, up some stairs, and knock on a door.  A man with a twisty moustache answers the door and reluctantly lets you in.  Drinks are served in tea and coffee cups.  It's weird drinking beer from a coffee mug, but Coney Island's lager held up pretty well.  It's a true American craft beer, and the balance of hops and malt make for an interesting but not overwhelming flavor profile.  It's light but not too light, and it finishes clean.  Overall, not too shabby, and a good addition to the repertoire.

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