Eins, zwei, drei, g'suffa; Zicke-Zacke-Zicke-Zacke Hoy, Hoy, Hoy

Posted on September 26, 2012 by Lazyjack Press

People of Lazyjack Press, this is the first entry in a series we can all get behind: beer reviews.  This will give us even more reason to hit the bars and report to you our well-reasoned findings. 

What:         Samuel Adams Octoberfest 2012

When:        September 2012

Where:       Dorrian’s Red Hand

Rating:       9/10, just because 10/10 seems too good


Sam Octoberfest is pretty much the best fall beer out there.  And that's saying something. In a suds-soaked landscape of great, esoteric craft beers, you can get this pick pretty much anywhere you go.  From the happy hour dive you and your buddies catch the games at to the Saturday night date spot, you can guess it'll be there for you.  Look, we don't use words like herbaceous here.  We don't even know what that means, and the spelling freaks us out.  Although we're sure it's completely necessary in some circumstances, we have no idea what a tulip pint glass is.  What we can tell you is that Sam Octoberfest has a ton of layered character but isn't too heavy.  It's perfectly smooth, not bitter, and has a great, almost sweet finish.  Lazyjack Press recommends Octoberfest to-go cups while picking apples and pumpkins, wearing tweed.  That's fall for you, gentlemen. 


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