Posted on August 17, 2012 by Lazyjack Press

Just in time for the weekend, I bestow upon you my Ultimate Bloody Mary Recipe.  The Bloodiest of all Bloodies.

In the morning after a Big Night Out or after a long, hard day at work, or even at work, there is arguably no better remedy than a Bloody Mary. This magical elixir cures all ills, even the most stubborn hangovers.   There are many bloody varieties -- like the atomically spicy chipotle bloody I survived this weekend -- but this is my Ultimate -- your go-to recipe!  

-Miriam Zelinsky, Official Lazyjack Press Mixologist and Master of Fun (and bloody mary connoisseur/enthusiast)

What you need: (Note, this will make one bloody and will be on the spicier side so adjust according to your taste!)

In a highball glass with ice:

3 shots of vodka
20 dashes of Tabasco sauce
10 dashes of garlic Tabasco
15 dashes of Worcestershire sauce
1 tablespoon of horseradish
Juice from ½ a lime
A dash of celery seed
A dash of celery salt
Fresh ground pepper

Fill the rest of the glass with tomato juice (love Campbell's!)

Garnish with a lime wedge and celery stalk and voila!


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