Best Burgers in the USA

Posted on September 03, 2014 by Miriam Zelinsky

(Pictured: Minetta's Black Label Burger) 

Zagat just came out with their list of the best burgers in NYC. We were definitely intrigued.

Here's the list. It's fine but predictable, although it's worth noting that if you've been avoiding it because it's too trendy, Minetta's Black Label Burger does justify the hype. Just make sure to get the marrow if it's being offered when you're there.

A better list, of course, is still Alan Richman's classic lineup from 2006. New York burgers are numbers 2 (Luger), 9 (Burger Joint), and 14 (J.G. Melon). But really, I think we all trust trust Alan Richman enough to travel to Hollywood, Florida, if he says it has the best burger in America.



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