Cocktail Recipe du Jour: Jealous Mary

Posted on July 30, 2014 by Lazyjack Press

As you all probably know by now, we're huge fans of the Bloody Mary and I get excited about any variations I come across. I found this recipe while watching Rachel Ray one morning. I really loved the idea of using grilled green tomatoes instead of regular tomato juice as a base. The tomatoes only took a few minutes to grill, yet had a sweet and smokey taste, which was nice. What's nice is this drink isn't too labor intensive and can be made ahead of time. There's no reason for this drink to be green with envy – it's definitely a go-to this summer while green tomatoes are in season!


What You'll Need: Serves 2

3 green tomatoes


Tabasco (about 10-20 dashes depending on how spicy you like it!)

Worcestershire Sauce (15 dashes)

Horseradish (2 table spoons)

Black Pepper 

Bonus: Throw some cocktail onions and/or olives on the grill as a garnish.

What To Do:

1) Start out by slicing the tomatoes and throwing them on the grill. Leave one raw (it adds a nice tangy flavor to the sweet smokey tomatoes).

2) Add the tomatoes grilled and raw tomatoes to a blender along with the Worcestershire Sauce, Tabasco, horseradish, black pepper and the juice from one lime. 

3) Blend until smooth and pour the contents of the blender into 2 high ball glasses with ice and your favorite vodka.

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