Living Life to the Fullest

Posted on June 18, 2014 by Lazyjack Press

About a year ago, I saw a segment about Zach Sobiech, a young man with terminal cancer. I was absolutely blown away by his story. His courage, poise, and determination was so inspiring! I know we all find ourselves at times taking life for granted and letting the little things get us down. I recently re-watched his story and renewed a promise to myself to live life to the fullest and not take anything/anyone for granted. 

His story is about 20 minutes long, but I promise, it's the best 20 minutes you'll spend today. 

Here's his story.

After you watch the video, check out the song Zach wrote, "Clouds." It's available on iTunes and all proceeds go to his osteosarcoma fund. He inspired so many celebrities who took part in his song and dedicated it to him. Great to see Bryan Cranston! Listen to it here.

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