Cocktail Recipe du Jour: Hard Blueberry Lemonade

Posted on June 10, 2014 by Lazyjack Press

We recently had one of the most refreshing and stunningly simple summer cocktails at the Grey Lady in NYC. It's too good not to share. Perfect for a cocktail after work or a make-ahead for a summer bbq/party. And we're glad Cisco Brewery's Triple Eight Blueberry Vodka is now on our radar. Here's our take on the Grey Lady's cocktail.


What You'll Need: (serves 1)

-2 oz 888 Blueberry Vodka

-1 lemon

-Simple syrup or half of a Splenda packet (optional)

-Seltzer water

What To Do:

-Pour the vodka into a tumbler filled with ice.

-Next, use a lemon juicer and add the juice from the whole lemon.

-Sweeten to taste.

-Add a splash of seltzer water

-Shake it up and garnish with a lemon wedge. I also like to add a toothpick filled with cold green grapes for color!


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