The Deep Freeze, and Spring's Inevitable Glory

Posted on February 19, 2014 by Lazyjack Press

This winter has been the coldest in recent memory. Who knows why? Climate change, no climate change, it's freaking freezing. As we speak, the snow on New York City street corners is piled three feet high, and every curb is a treacherous little ice-skating pond. Not ideal for lunchtime Chipotle runs. Not ideal for anything, really.
The thought of getting out of bed in the morning, stepping on the cold marble bathroom floor, and bundling up with eighteen layers just to avoid frostbite - well, it's getting old. 
But friends, spring is right around the corner. The days are getting longer. And each day that passes brings us closer to those warm days we can tailgate to our hearts' content. We'll throw on our Lazyjack Press Signature Made in USA baseball caps, sunglasses, shorts and some loafers, and just kick back on the lawn with some Dogfish Head. Who's with us?
--Jack Press, Guest Contributor

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