Badass Bespoke Ties

Posted on January 09, 2014 by Lazyjack Press

You know those wedding pictures. All the guys lined up on a beach, on a boat, or in front of the country club. All wearing big ol' khakis, all wearing adorable, Korean-sourced whale ties. But that's not you, right? Printed motif ties are great, don't get us wrong - we make them. We just do it damn well. Our ties have attitude, and the quality can't be beat. They're printed on Herm├ęs silk (21 momme, to be precise) and handmade in Italy by the best factory in the business.

And here's the thing: we'll work with you to design custom ties for your wedding, fraternity, charity, club, you name it. When we say we'll work with you, we mean it. We treat our clients like family, and we won't rest until you have what you love. Our minimums are low, our quality is the highest, and the cost of a custom collection is a lot more reasonable than you might think. So shoot us a line, and let's have some fun!

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