The Deliberate Life: Holidays are Fast Approaching

Posted on November 14, 2013 by Lazyjack Press

Deliberateness is not some self-righteous mantra. It's a strategy we use to make the most of life. To be successful while achieving an optimal stress (low) to fun (high) ratio. We're coming up on the season most likely to throw us all off our game: the holidays.

Office parties, Christmas shopping, crowds of people bumping into you while Christmas shopping, traveling "home," it all has the potential to be super fun - but super stressful.

Now, listen. It's November 14. We still have time to head some of that stress off at the pass and maximize our fun. If you have travel plans, make sure they're booked. Do all your Christmas shopping - ASAP. You'll be happy you did when you get the swag in the mail well in advance of crunchtime. You won't have to run to Duane Reade on your way to the airport to pick up five gift cards from that rack by the checkout. Plan your holiday party strategy. Cut out of the office party no more than 45 minutes in - shake the powerful hands and head to a fun bar with your real-life friends. You'll avoid embarrassing yourself and have more fun.

Let's make this the smoothest, easiest, booziest holiday season ever! Cheers! 

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