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Lazyjack Press Goes to Anguilla!

Posted on August 11, 2016 by Miriam Zelinsky | 0 Comments

It's no secret that Anguilla is probably my favorite place to visit on this planet. When you consider the breathtaking views, the freshest seafood, the rum punches (!!!), and without exception, the kindest people – it's no wonder I'm trying to finagle my next trip there as soon as possible. 

On our first visit to Anguilla in April of this year, Alex and I were excited to visit the Savannah Art Gallery after reading so many great things about it. We were't disappointed.

We met Frank Costin, the enthusiastic Canada transplant who just oozed passion for his gallery and every single piece in it. We left without buying anything and instantly regretted it upon touching down in NYC. So when we went back over the 4th of July holiday, we knew we couldn't make the same mistake twice. 

We left with these two gorgeous pieces:

The next day, Frank called us and told us our favorite artist had another piece and that he'd bring it by our hotel to see if we liked it. Clearly, we loved it and it was great seeing Frank again.

Here are the paintings framed in our apartment in NYC. We literally admire them every single day - so many different times per day! They bring back such great memories! 

Besides hearing about the paintings in the gallery and Frank's pets, Frank and I talked a bit about Lazyjack Press. To my surprise a few weeks ago, I was ecstatic to receive my first order from Anguilla...and it was from Frank! He ordered a bunch of our socks...

And now, I'm featured on the same blog we discovered before our first visit. This is what Frank said in his blog:

I meet the most interesting people at the gallery!  Earlier in the summer, I had the pleasure of meeting a couple from New York, and the lady owns Lazyjack Press, an on-line purveyor of luxury men’s accessories.  Bought some socks on line, and delighted when I received these very beautiful and comfortable Pima cotton socks from Peru!  Check out    Lots of lovely things to consider, especially with the holidays around the corner…..


Thanks for everything, Frank! It feels so good to have a piece of LJP in one of my favorite places. Until our next visit! 




Photo Shoot in NYC

Posted on June 02, 2016 by Miriam Zelinsky | 0 Comments

Taking new photos for the website is always one of my favorite LJP activities. It's so exciting to see the product as part of a complete look and see the ties come to life. I also love seeing people's reactions as they walk by!

I had the privilege of having Nick Peciaro ( agree to model for us again. I love his look and think he kills it in every shot! The very talented Jeni Rogers agreed to take the photos. I emailed her after she sent me the completed shots with the subject line, "Problem" whining that there were too many amazing pictures to choose from. Good problem to have! In short, she's fabulous. You guys should definitely check out her website and contact her if you need any photos done. Here's her website:

I think all three of us were really excited about this batch of photos. We started at the Plaza Hotel and then made our way into Central Park. It was a very fun day and hope you enjoy some of the behind the scenes shots taken with my iPhone. For the real deal, check out the slide show on the front of our website!

Nick and Jeni at the Plaza. Nick is wearing the Kegs & Eggs bow tie. Shop the look here. 

Love this one because you can see our All Tied Up socks in the shot! Shop the look here. 

Nick sporting the Spread Eagle bow tie! Shop the look here. 

Jeni directing Nick w/ Nick wearing the Anchorman tie before putting the Seeing Spots pocket square in his pocket! Shop the look here. 

Nick is wearing the Mullet bow tie (business in the front, party in the back) reversible bow tie. Shop the look here. 

Jeni and Nick – Nick is wearing the Lazyjack The Knife tie! Shop the look here. 

Even Princess Isabelle got in on the fun!

Cheers, guys!

The Hubba UB Show Podcast: Featuring Lazyjack Press

Posted on April 19, 2016 by Miriam Zelinsky | 0 Comments

Hi guys!

I had the privilege of being interviewed by Hubba's, Saul Colt. For anyone who doesn't know Hubba, definitely check them out. They're a social media mecca, basically, that brings together retailers and designers into one spot. I'm obviously not doing them justice so check them out:

Anyway, back to the interview. Check it out below. Saul interviews me about all things Lazyjack Press. There might even be a 50 Shades of Gray mention in there!


Download link:

Shopify: How to Sell Men's Accessories Online

Posted on April 14, 2016 by Miriam Zelinsky | 0 Comments

We love everything about Shopify. It's really our one stop shop for running our business. They featured us today on their site. Here's the article below with a link! Thanks, guys! Cheers!

How to Sell Men's Accessories Online - read it here

The First Five Days after the Weekend are the Hardest – Goodbye Summer Fridays

Posted on September 22, 2015 by Miriam Zelinsky | 0 Comments

The end of Summer invokes many mixed emotions – relief if you’re a parent, excitement if you’re heading back to your college campus to continue to fail at everything but funneling beer, or Klonopin numbing stress if you’re already in the work force. Summer is over, now it’s time to get shit done. The commuter train seems to triple in crowd, the streets of New York are overrun with suits and the nannies of the elite are parading the newest, most teched out strollers of the season. Your boss has all of a sudden instilled an 8:30am start time – who the hell is up that early other than traders and garbage men? This is usually time for mid-year reviews (biggest joke of corporate America) and in which case, I’ll preemptively congratulate you on getting promoted for the job you’re already doing. In essence, “back to school” is a euphuism for putting Summer Fridays away in your “better” memories and getting back to the grindstone.

So, here at LJP we can offer you three things to help with this transition: (a) our new Mullet bow ties, or try one of the Mullet straight ties if your office is super conservative (it’s business in the front, but fun in the back), (b) a new twist on an old favorite, The Manhattan, which only the most sophisticated and hardest workers of the city drink and (c) an encouraging “when work feels overwhelming, remember that you’re going to die.” Shit’s about to get real.

xoxo L

  The Mullet Bow Tie

The Mullet Ties 

Here's a link to a Manhattan recipe from a past blog!

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