The First Five Days after the Weekend are the Hardest – Goodbye Summer Fridays

Posted on September 22, 2015 by Miriam Zelinsky

The end of Summer invokes many mixed emotions – relief if you’re a parent, excitement if you’re heading back to your college campus to continue to fail at everything but funneling beer, or Klonopin numbing stress if you’re already in the work force. Summer is over, now it’s time to get shit done. The commuter train seems to triple in crowd, the streets of New York are overrun with suits and the nannies of the elite are parading the newest, most teched out strollers of the season. Your boss has all of a sudden instilled an 8:30am start time – who the hell is up that early other than traders and garbage men? This is usually time for mid-year reviews (biggest joke of corporate America) and in which case, I’ll preemptively congratulate you on getting promoted for the job you’re already doing. In essence, “back to school” is a euphuism for putting Summer Fridays away in your “better” memories and getting back to the grindstone.

So, here at LJP we can offer you three things to help with this transition: (a) our new Mullet bow ties, or try one of the Mullet straight ties if your office is super conservative (it’s business in the front, but fun in the back), (b) a new twist on an old favorite, The Manhattan, which only the most sophisticated and hardest workers of the city drink and (c) an encouraging “when work feels overwhelming, remember that you’re going to die.” Shit’s about to get real.

xoxo L

  The Mullet Bow Tie

The Mullet Ties 

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