The Best Ramen

Posted on October 15, 2014 by Miriam Zelinsky

Fall is here! As the temperature starts to drop, I inevitably find myself opting for ramen more and more. Thrillist came out with a great list of the best ramen in NYC. I definitely agree with most of the winners on their list (Ippudo is definitely a favorite – opt for the proscuitto and brie spring rolls with balsamic glaze as a welcome addition to the traditional pork buns). I also love Jin Ramen up in West Harlem (3183 Broadway). It's less fussy and has a spicy tonkatsu that is to die for. Also, if timed right, you can avoid the two hour wait that is synonymous with the other more popular ramen joints in the city. 

Read the list of top ramen in NYC here.

Here's a list of the top ramen in the USA.

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