Trip to the Tie Mill in Italy (And Other Shenanigans)

Posted on April 25, 2018 by Miriam Zelinsky

Hi guys! 

I just got back from an amazing trip to Italy. While I was there, I visited the mill where the ties are made. I knew making ties wasn't the easiest thing, but seeing the process really made me appreciate every little detail that goes into making them from beginning to end.

Below is where The Mullet tie silk starts getting produced!
Apops checking out some swatches. Side note: Apops was wearing the Camel Toe pocket square. #dapper            
How I pick out colors for each tie!
It was also super fun to check in on one of our custom projects in progress. 
Quality control - everything the mill puts out is so exquisite but the lady in the picture is sitting there scanning endless yards of fabric to make sure it's all good to go!
It was great meeting everyone at the mill and it was truly astounding how many people it takes to make the operation run! Besides Jim in NYC, I do most of my work with Francesco and it's always great seeing him!
After the CAD gets made, Italy gives me a printed out strikeoff or silk blanket, if you will, with all of the designs that I have in production to see the color combinations and details of the design before it goes into production.
So many fun designs on that blanket. I made changes to some and approved others. Can't wait for them to get developed further! 
It was really cool to see the shipping department get all of these huge boxes ready to send to me. The order coincidentally beat me back to NYC. When I opened the box, I definitely had a different appreciation for each and every single tie in there! It also contained a new design that I'll be launching later this week :) Stay tuned.
Besides the mill, we had a wonderful time exploring Como, a quick day trip to St. Moritz + Venice. Here are a couple of photos from the rest of the trip. 
Our hotel with a beautiful view of Lake Como
So much amazing local wine (and grappa!)
Such a magical view of Lake Como from dinner.
What became a VERY vertical climb to get to a tiny restaurant run by a husband/wife team on top of the hill.
The climb was worth it for the tour of their private grappa collection!
11,000 ft high on top of the mountain in St. Moritz! Yikes!! (I am awful at heights)
Last night in Como, our hotel wrote us this beautiful note + gave us some grappa noting it was no surprise this was our favorite! (Oops!) 
Apparently my grandfather was a big fan + would go behind the bar and make his own cocktails. This explains a lot. 
Drinks at hotel Cipriani!
Cheers, guys!

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